VLC iPAQ port

The videolan project formerly held at the campus of the University ECP of Paris provides a streaming network soloution. See www.videolan.org for more information. Here I will list my work in porting this software to an iPaq PDA from Compaq. I wrote a new PDA user interface and the mad audio plugin for the VideoLAN client. The plugin uses a library libmad written by Rob Leslie. A Linux distribution for the iPaq can be found at familiar.handhelds.org. Do you have an question for this page, don't hesitate to ask or mail it to me. I might be able to help or point you in the right direction.

VideoLan Server

The VideoLAN client for iPaq accepts network input generated by the VideoLAN server (vls) and the VideoLAN Mini Server (vlms). The later is easier to setup and use. Also http input is supported. Thus streaming from a normal webserver is supported.

Here is a small perl-script called crypt.pl to generate crypted passwords for VLS or CVS. It uses the crypt(3) function call. For more information on the function use: man 3 crypt.


The information and packages found on this site have already been merged back into the VideoLan CVS archive. The mad audio plugin is much improved and delivers good sound quality now. Therefor I decided to remove the sources and packages that used to be on this page.

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