VideoLAN at CeBIT 2011

If you have not been to CeBIT 2011 in Hannover this year, then you missed the presence of the VideoLAN team there. What did we had to show?

The VideoLAN stand was located in hall 2 stand F44. It was shared with other Open Source projects like: Enlightment, Typo 3, Incignia, Open Embedded, Plone, Simon listens and more. The stand was sponsored for which our gratitude. We had a small stand, one column with a cupboard and a picture of the VLC cone on top, which was backlit. During the show we demonstrated various usages of VLC for: webcam, HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS adaptive streaming), file playback, screen capture, various video filters (puzzle, water effect, gradient) and more.

Visitors were most interested in: blueray, android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), windows mobile 6.5 support. To answer these questions:

  • blueray support is in development
  • android support is in development with a beta release in 2-3 months
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad) support is being worked on
  • windows mobile 6.5 support needs developer resources

In Germany VLC is well known and numerous people came to thank us for such a wonderful media player. Most of the visitors used a Windows version and preferred VLC instead of Windows Media Player. At the booth Jean-Baptiste and I estimated that there must be at least 100 million VLC users world wide. The next question immediately comes to mind, how many users actually use Windows Media Player? Judging from above experience and numbers it could be although Windows Media Player is installed by default almost nobody uses it. If you ask me that is kind of shocking.

The VideoLAN developers thanks all the "happy users" for such kind words and positive feedback. Without your support VLC could never have become so big. Thank you!

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