LinuxTAG 2010

Last week I was at LinuxTAG 2010 for VideoLAN. In contrast to other years we had some promotion material: stickers, flyers and posters. More then 600 people payed attention to our booth in four days of LinuxTAG. Several features of VLC where demonstrated: recording, playback and streaming.

Thursday and Saturday one of the VLMC developer hugo demonstrated the current state of VideoLAN Media Creator. He got very good feedback from people and they could not wait to give it a try.

Visitors had all Open Source multimedia projects in one stand. It had FFMPEG, mplayer, Open Graphics, XBMC and VideoLAN (VLC, DVBlast, VLMC, etc) projects. The developers from all these project helped each other during visitor peaks and this created a very good atmosphere. I think the different developers of the projects got to know each other better. I am sure this also results in better cooperation and communication during our normal development work.