VLC gains trickplay support in branch 0.9-trickplay

In vlc git repository git.videolan.org a new branch 0.9-trickplay branch is created. The goal is to give RTSP trickplay functionality a wider testing ground. The RTSP protocol (RFC 2326) is widely used in Video On Demand systems (VOD). Many hardware VOD servers support RTSP trickplay functionality, which includes fastforward, rewind, seek, pause. play and stop commands. These functionalities give the user a VCR-like experience with digital audio and video. Unfortunately RTSP 1.0 specification is open to many interpretations, this why it is important to test this 0.9-trickplay branch against as much VOD servers as possible. VLC uses live555 libraries to hide most VOD server specific details and should now support RTSP trickplay with all RTSP 1.0 compatible servers out there. Help making VLC even better by giving this branch a good shakedown.